Daniel has founded many successful start-ups throughout Australasia, before relocating to the USA. Daniel has been pivotal in establishing creative and sustainable business models that have continued to adapt to the ever-changing business world.

His role with the Seraphic Group is to cultivate relationships and viable long-term partnerships with vendors for several of the Seraphic Group’s leading companies.

Daniel’s experience in building, steel manufacturing, processing factories, and  real estate has proved invaluable in his role with Seraphic. His ability to blend processes and systems into harmonious business models aligns beautifully with Seraphic’s Intrinsic Purpose.

Daniel is helping build teams, refine processes, configure and develop infrastructure, locate resources, and implement end to end models to ensure sustainable and manageable outcomes.

Being deeply committed to infusing spirit back into business Daniel is leading the charge on many Seraphic fronts as the Resource and Project Manager. This aligns perfectly with the Seraphic Group’s deep commitment to sustainability in the realms of renewable energy, restoring health and well-being to the ecology of the planet, animals and all of humanity.