John joined the Seraphic team at its founding in 2014 as a Senior Science Consultant. He will transition to a primary leader in the VSRI core laboratory structure in 2016, where he will oversee the development of collaborative basic science projects from around the globe through the Spark Global Research IT platform.

In his 25 years in basic science and research, John has established an extraordinary curriculum vitae and reputation through his work in both academic and private sectors. John is an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, and the research director at the multi-million dollar Felder Core Laboratory. He has expertise in genomics, kidney cell function and toxicity, hypertension, and metastatic cancer, and has literally written the book on methodology for optimal cell culture studies.

As director of the Core Laboratory, he oversees the publications of peer-reviewed journal articles in a vast array of scientific topics. He has been a lead investigator on over twenty NIH-funded scientific studies, and has published hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles.

In addition, John has proved to be an inventor in his own right; he has created the first three-dimensional cell culture environment that allows for two different monoculture cell populations to grow on small beads suspended in cell culture medium. Among other aspects, this technology revolutionizes our ability to study the interaction between two cell populations, such as immune cells and cancer cells.