Jeffrey has been with the Seraphic Group since its inception. Working in a variety of capacities primarily within the Biomic Sciences, LLC subsidiary, he has been instrumental in coordinating efforts to bring the Restore product to its initial product launch at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD, September 2014. Jeffrey took a leadership role in the re-branding efforts that led to Restore’s highly successful follow-up Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, March 2015, and then went on to take over responsibilities for all supply-side considerations, manufacturing, and shipping.

Jeffrey has participated in most aspects of the start-up decision making, including human resources, legal and financial planning, and domestic and international distribution. He has recently been tapped to lead the livestock feed supplement LumaShield to market, through its initial scientific safety and efficacy studies, regulatory considerations, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

Following his BA in Psychology from Stetson University, Jeffrey established himself as an entrepreneurial leader in the fields of real estate development and contracting over the previous twenty-five years. He has owned and partnered in companies involved in residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate, as well as land development. Market placement, timing, and scalability are some of the key skills that made him a respected leader in that industry.

Jeffrey has demonstrated exceptional capacity to lead diverse teams that can cut through bureaucratic and institutional barriers and set new standards of excellence. His experience in the construction industry, as well as his direct Seraphic and Biomic experience, positions him well to bring to market technologies within the Seraphic portfolio, and he has proven success in working with third-party manufacturing companies that will produce hardware for Seraphic IP.

Over the last three decades, Jeffrey has also been dedicated to the pursuit of impeccable physical and psychological health, and has helped to develop the practice of a novel framework for producing excellence in all aspects of life – business and personal relationships, holistic health, and spirituality. He has done extensive personal research and has developed relationships with influential thinkers and producers in the supplement/wellness industry; he is well connected to continue to rapidly bring the health products represented in our portfolio to market.