Grant joined the Seraphic team as a consultant in July 2015, and became the COO of Seraphic Group October 31, 2016. Grant founded Ultimate Performance Systems on the back of an impressive series of turnarounds in a diverse range of industries in the 80’s and 90’s. Grant’s consulting firm grew to serve a remarkable list of international clients.

Grant specializes in increasing the profitability and stability of existing business lines and creating new business lines for companies. Marketing and Sales systems are a core competency. Grant was the editor of the ‘Network Business Magazine’​ in the Asia Pacific which was a leading business resource for business operators. Grant also developed a full-service ad agency, Millennium Graphics, to better serve his ever-broadening client base.

Grant spent a significant proportion of the last 18 years developing the ACAC Fitness and Wellness group, which he rebranded and retooled, to rise from a small single-site fitness center into an internationally acclaimed wellness icon with over 15 sites in five core markets on the East Coast of the US. These facilities represented a focused entry into the uninitiated exerciser market, and Grant was key to the development of a massive breadth of facilities and services ranging from Concierge Medicine to Physical Therapy practices. These are truly ‘cradle to the grave’ health and wellness clubs attracting the gamut of the community from kids, families, corporates and seniors.

Grant was central to the development of an innovative Physician Referral Program that has underwritten ACAC’s success in all its markets. Grant also launched one of the first fitness-center-based medical cooperatives in the county in 2007 and developed extensive Corporate Outreach programs that are still a core business line for the company.

Grant eventually morphed Ultimate Performance Systems into Stella Jackson Business Consulting in 2012 when he joined his consulting practice with his wife’s design company. Stella Jackson Design & Marketing works with a diverse range of businesses to develop innovative, high performance business lines and initiatives through client companies team talent. Incisive analysis followed by collaborative planning and cohesive implementation of strategy are hallmarks of Grant’s work and he has now moved from consulting to his role as Chief Operating Officer of Seraphic Group, Inc.