Gary began conceptual work on the Virtual Science Research Platform with Seraphic founder Zach Bush, in June 2015, and joined the Seraphic team fulltime in September, 2016.

Initially working with the IT teams at Modernized Media, LLC and Box IT Solutions, Gary has helped shepherd the VSRI team into the final phase of development of the VSRI platform working with Ojingo Labs who recently launched the Vero social media phenomenon. The VSRI IT platform will launch to beta testing in the last quarter of 2017.

Gary earned his doctorate in physics from the University of Utah, with a specialty in atomic physics in a cross-disciplinary program between the physics department and the medical school. As part of this program, Gary was trained in various aspects of medical research in relation to high-potential emerging technologies with the potential to drive significant advancements in medical technologies, such as the use of hyperpolarized gases in imaging and diagnosis and various applications in nanotechnology.

His passion to support high-potential emerging technologies led Gary to serve as consultant to successful commercial interests. In his work with NLC labs (Attostat), Gary was instrumental in stabilizing certain nanoparticle structures that have the capacity to disable viruses, parasites, and to target tumors.

In recent years, Gary contributed to the development of a safe and stable redox signaling technology and has aided in educational efforts and very successful commercialization efforts of this technology (ASEA).

Whilst on his journey, Gary has gained the global business experience necessary to fuel successful commercialization projects of emerging technologies. Gary preceded his professional development in physics and business with 8 years in software engineering. This unique knowledge base had made him the perfect fit as director and facilitator of the groundbreaking VSRI product, realizing his dream to bridge the gap between academic research and private sector business development solutions.