Our mission is to create an innovative platform for business development and education that will deliver transformative products, technologies, and philosophies to change the course of global health, energy, and ecology.


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Zach Bush, MD, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Zach has created the global vision for the Seraphic Group and its spectrum of enterprises. The extraordinary scope of his vision is backed by the unrivaled depth and breadth of his education, and experience in the academic and private professional experience.

Upon entering the rigorous environ of academic medicine, he quickly distinguished himself as a […]

Grant Gamble, Chief Operating Officer

Grant joined the Seraphic team as a consultant in July 2015, and became the COO of Seraphic Group October 31, 2016. Grant founded Ultimate Performance Systems on the back of an impressive series of turnarounds in a diverse range of industries in the 80’s and 90’s. Grant’s consulting firm grew to serve a remarkable list of […]

Jeffrey Brand, Chief Strategy Officer

Jeffrey has been with the Seraphic Group since its inception. Working in a variety of capacities primarily within the Biomic Sciences, LLC subsidiary, he has been instrumental in coordinating efforts to bring the Restore product to its initial product launch at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD, September 2014. Jeffrey took a leadership role […]

Andrew Nelson, Chief Technology Officer

Andrew joined the Seraphic team in 2017 as the CTO. He is responsible for overseeing Seraphic Group’s information technology, information security, data and analytics across the company and for creating growth opportunities by partnering with Seraphic’s broad array of business units and partners on IT related operations.

Andrew started with Seraphic Group as a consultant […]

John Gildea, PhD, Senior Science Consultant

John joined the Seraphic team at its founding in 2014 as a Senior Science Consultant. He will transition to a primary leader in the VSRI core laboratory structure in 2016, where he will oversee the development of collaborative basic science projects from around the globe through the Spark Global Research IT platform.

In his 25 […]

Kirk Schroder JD, General Counsel

Kirk and his team at Schroder Davis, PLC became the Lead Council for Seraphic in Fall 2014. Kirk has consistently gone above and beyond to manage the increasingly complex Seraphic Portfolio.

Kirk is the immediate past Chair the American Bar Association Entertainment & Sports Law section. He was President of the Virginia State Board of […]

William Vitalis, Director of Esoteric Sciences

William Vitalis is a certified Body Talk practitioner, a graduate of Bei Du Academy’s 5-year Qigong Training as well as the 200-hour Qigong teacher training with the IIQTC. From 1985 to 1995, he studied Kriya Yoga and meditation intensively while in residence with Bob Raymer, one of the last living disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of […]

Kristen Krop, President of Biomic Sciences

Kristen joined the Seraphic team full-time in October 2015 as VP of Business Development and Finance. Her responsibilities have involved strategic financial planning and oversight of accounting for all Seraphic Group subsidiaries, in addition to critical input into diverse areas of business organization, including relationships with vendors, human resources, general operating procedures, and product distribution for […]

Matt Bednar, PhD, VP of Business Development, VSRI

Matt joined the Seraphic team in October, 2015 as the VP of Business Development for VSRI. He brings 18 years of experience in IP development, licensure, product research and development in both the academic and private sectors.

Matt Bednar, PhD, began his professional education pursuing his interest in materials with a B.S. in Materials Science […]

Tom Eagleson, Director of Finance

Tom joined the Seraphic Team in March of 2017. His responsibilities include the financial oversight of Seraphic and its Subsidiaries, including the day-today accounting functions, payroll, financial planning and preparation, and bank and investor relations.

Tom began his career as a public accountant in 1993 where he worked in audit, financial statement and tax preparation, […]

Leslie Andrus, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, SWP, Director of Human Resources

Leslie joined our team in June this year as the Director of Human Resources, representing our founding of an HR department. Leslie is responsible for the strategic Human Resources alignment of programs, processes, and priorities for Seraphic’s short-term and long-term strategic goals. She helps to attract and retain ideal team members through strategic talent acquisition […]

Daniel Boissevain, Project & Resource Manager

Daniel has founded many successful start-ups throughout Australasia, before relocating to the USA. Daniel has been pivotal in establishing creative and sustainable business models that have continued to adapt to the ever-changing business world.

His role with the Seraphic Group is to cultivate relationships and viable long-term partnerships with vendors for several of the Seraphic […]

Lon Southerland, VP of Operations, Biomic Sciences, LLC

Lon joined the Seraphic team in November 2018.

As the son of a resort owner in the Caribbean, Lon’s interests have led to a career in global Food and Beverage (F&B) operations, where he has inspired teams to high standards of excellence. His diverse management experience most recently includes leading Illy Cafe North […]

“Seraphic is thinking outside of the box but having fun doing it!”

Stacey Forren, Special Events Coordinator

“Seraphic isn’t just a company, it’s a collective of individuals united by the desire to effect change.”

Kane Stevens, Production Engineer

“To me, Seraphic is hope, inspiration, and fulfillment of purpose-something we could all use more of.”

Kim Stevens, National Practitioner Sales Manager

“High Quality”

Jacob Perkins, Shipping Manager

Together, we are creating a fresh wave of humanitarian ethics beginning with a focus on the innate wisdom, uniqueness and creativity of the individual to allow the whole to thrive.

Isa Vitalis
“Finding balance through good health & future technology.”
Hunter Davis, Marketing

“I’ve never worked for a better company!”

Abe Gray, Production Team

“Progressive thinking with a real purpose.”

Debbie Wright, Customer Support

Conscientious innovation!

Carly Rugani, Quality Control & GMP Compliance

“Seraphic is a globally minded approach to man’s most pressing problems utilizing sustainable solutions with tomorrow’s technology.”

Michael Moore, Production Manager
Christina Stelling, National Retail Sales Manager
Ethan Bush, Production Team